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Paul Herr Consulting Inc. serves progressive organizations that understand the importance of engaged and passionate employees.  Paul Herr Consulting consists of author and thought leader, Paul Herr, and a global partner network that is using his ideas and tools to improve employee engagement worldwide.  We have talented affiliates in Asia, Europe, Mexico and the United States who are ready to serve your employee-engagement needs.

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Our primary product is a performance-management tool called The Horsepower System that is helping major corporations worldwide to:

  • Track employee motivation throughout the year,
  • Develop emotionally-intelligent servant leaders who bring out the best in people,
  • Boost employee-engagement and productivity,
  • Detect and solve people-issues before they grow into people-problems,

This tool not only measures employee engagement on a regular basis, it provides leadership insights (Tune-Up TipsTM) for getting the score to go up. This software tool is built around a mini employee-engagement survey designed to be administered repeatedly throughout the year.

This performance-management tool is based upon the ideas in Paul Herr's critically-acclaimed book, Primal Management.  To demo the software visit:


  •  CONSULTING:  Paul and his partners can take nearly any people-problem, analyze it according to his methodology, and generate a simple action-plan to resolve it.  They also advise top executives regarding their people policies.

  •  CULTURE SERVICES:  We help companies clarify their day-to-day values and identify a noble purpose that will motivate everyone from the janitor to the CEO.

  • EXECUTIVE COACHING:   We coach executives, managers and supervisors to become emotionally-intelligent, servant leaders who bring out the best in people.

  • EMPLOYEE-ENGAGEMENT AUDIT: We review corporate policies, processes, systems and leadership practices to determine if they boost or harm employee engagement.

  • TRAINING:   We provide leadership training for managers and supervisors and self-motivation training for employees using our proprietary methodology.

  • SEMINAR SPEAKER:  Paul Herr is a popular speaker and thought-leader on leadership and employee engagement.   He is available to speak at corporate retreats, trade shows, luncheons, outings and events.

 Please call or email us today for a free consultation.

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