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Are you looking for some cool intellectual-property to offer to your customers?  If so, please give us a call: 608-833-9446 (USA). We are currently seeking strategic partners to help distribute The Horsepower SystemTM worldwide.  Our existing partner network encompasses Asia, Europe, Mexico, and the United States and the performance-management tool is currently available in Spanish, English, German and Japanese.

This high-tech management tool contains the world's first survey based upon neuroeconomic principles.  John Gibbons, a scientist who critiques management tools for a living, called The Horsepower System “brilliant.”  Dr. Antonio Damasio, one of the world’s most respected neuroscientists reviewed our methodology and commented, “It makes perfect (scientific) sense.”  The the concepts behind the tool have also received glowing reviews in two psychological journals.

We are currently licensing The Horsepower SystemTM to consultants involved in the people-side of management:

  •  leadership consultants,
  • executive coaches,
  • HR consultants,
  • OD and OB consultants,
  • emotional-intelligence consultants,
  • culture-change consultants,
  • strategy consultants and
  • consultants working in the fields of performance-management, motivation, engagement and productivity. 

If you work in any of these areas, you really ought to take a look at this tool.  We guarantee that you have not seen anything like it.

Consultants who license our technology receive a passive revenue stream (commission) from the software and follow-on consulting opportunities to administer the survey, interpret the results and provide leadership and coaching services to get the scores to go up.  We provide our partners with a variety of sales and marketing resources to help them get started.

The Horsepower SystemTM is different from other employee- engagement tools because it monitors motivation monthly or quarterly throughout the year. It thereby turns employee engagement from a once-a-year afterthought into an ongoing business priority.

Think of it as a diagnostic tool that detects motivational malfunctions in the workplace. Once companies start measuring motivation on a regular basis, they naturally become interested in getting the score to go up; which is where you come in.  Some of our partners have built their entire consulting or coaching practices around this easy-to-use and affordable tool. 

The Horsepower System is a world-class innovation so we are looking for world-class partners to help help us deliver it globally.  If you'd like to examine this innovation, please read chapters 1 to 3 of Paul Herr's book, Primal Management  and our employee-engagement whitepaper, "Get ready for the Employee Engagement Revolution." 

If you resonate with Paul's approach, the next step is to take a free demo at   If you like the tool and the ideas behind it, it's time to give us a call to discuss the details.

If you can find a better description of human nature, or a better tool to tap into it, please pursue it, otherwise, give us a call at 608-833-9446 (USA).